I have this 1984 mobile home (lets be honest here TRAILER) that I now rent out. I have owned this since it was new so I can safely say nothing has been altered or stranger than you would otherwise find in a trailer. Anyways, I have this tenant who cooks with oodles of grease. I mean gallons of the stuff so its all over her dishes ect. Long story short she manages to plug the drain a lot. I have had it roto rooted at least once a year for the past few and enjoyed some success using one of those rubber inflatable pressure cuffs and a short piece of hose screwed onto the faucet. I cut the pipe 1 1/2 " ABS and replaced a section with rubber so I can just shove in the cuff without the problems created by the vent. Trailer plumbing , how I hate it, arrrrghhhh.
With the latest clog she got it so plugged that the cuff wouldn't stay put with me shoving down on it and a towel shoving down. Tomorrow I am going to go buy the large size that will just barely fit down the 1,5" drain. I hadn't bought one before since I couldn't get it in the cleanout but that isn't a problem now as it's a straight shot into the pipe. Assuming this will finally blow it out as it should what in the world can I do to keep this woman from plugging this drain all the time? I should mention it always is beyond the reach of my 50' snake and doesn't affect any of the other drains so it is way at the end of that run. I lived in that place for over 10 years with no issues like that. She swears she doesn't dump any grease in there yet every time I work on it the grey white globs just bubble back out. What a royal PITA.