I have installed a new 3/4 inch feed thermo control shower valve. It is made by BRIZO. I think they are a high end branch of delta. the valve body is in the wall, the guts went in with 4 screws, then a sealing plate / with gasket went on with 4 more screws. so far so good. after that a collar goes in with a valve stem and another screw. that went well. the final step is the finished wall plate / and then the knob goes on with a set screw. the finished wall plate has what looks like Velcro on it. the sealing plate also has the same strange Velcro on it. the strange Velcro lines up on the sealing plate and the Finnish plate. the strange looking Velcro is male on both parts so there is no bond at all. Has any one ever seen anything like this. What the hell is supposed to hold the finished plate on? I just don`t get it. Buy the way, this valve, with thermo guts, and trim kit, costs about 700. bucks retail. Are they kidding me with this design, or am I missing something?