I'll start out by saying that I have a well & pump system and a septic tank.

After a severe leak over a year ago, two of my bathrooms are in the process of being remodelled/repaired. The half-bath is being used as storage space as it is too small to be used by most of the people in my household. We installed a Toto Drake w/ SanaGloss in the main bathroom over a year ago and were waiting for the floor to be repaired in the 2nd bathroom before installing another. (Btw, unfiltered/unsoftened water can stain the SanaGloss terribly-- getting the water filter and softener setup is a project on our long list of things to do).

A few weeks ago the sinks in the two adjacent bathrooms started gurgling whenever the toilet was flushed. I figured the septic tank needed to be cleared. Unfortunately nobody in my family listened to me and it became so full that sewage started backing up into the uncovered pipe in the bathroom that is under repair (there is no toilet in there, the pipe is open and I had been putting things over the opening to prevent odor from coming up). I finally called someone to suck the sewage out of the tank and he came the next day. Unfortunately, draining did not clear the problem and we had him come out a couple days later to use a really long snake to clear the clog (our own snake wasn't working). It was $100 just for the snaking and the guy indicated that he didn't really want to come back out again.

Yesterday the pipes started gurgling again and sewage came up the pipe in the bathroom again. Now the toilet will not flush. I tried clearing it with Liquid Plumber (the kind that is septic tank and plastic pipe safe-- for the record, I was against pouring stuff directly into the open sewer pipe-- I wanted to use the sink and tub that were being used frequently) and it seemed to work in the one pipe. I'm going to try it again in the sink and tub to see if that helps, but my father thinks that the pipe not having a toilet on it is what is causing the water to flow improperly. I've temporarily sealed it with Press'N Seal and put a paving stone on top to hold it down. Could the lack of a toilet there be the problem? I still think it's a clog.

Getting a plumber to come out where I live is not easy. The plumber who serviced this house for over 50 years is now in a nursing home and I'm not sure if there are any plumbers still in my town.

Any advice on how to fix this? (also, any advice on how to clean the mess up? My father tried to snake through the open pipe where the toilet used to be and it ended up spraying crap all over my walls-- and I'm apparently the only one in this house capable of cleaning anything).