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Thread: Anode rod - magnesium - right choice ?

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    Default Anode rod - magnesium - right choice ?

    Originally Posted by dikshe
    I've never replaced the anode rod on my 10 yr old water heater. I replaced the dip tube - that was easy but the anode rod won't budge with a 24" breaker bar applied to it. I'm wondering if too much force could rupture the tank. for 2 weeks I've spayed penetrating oil on the threads but it's still stuck. So 2 questions:
    Can I safely apply heat with a propane touch to the threads ?
    Can I rupture the tank by applying too much force using the breaker bar ?


    Ok - according to the serial number on my water heater it is really 13 yrs old. I successfully replaced the dip tube - and after 3 weeks of applying liquid wrench the anode nut finally broke loose. Only about an 1/8" rod maybe 15" was all that was left of the original anode rod.
    So I installed the new anode rod - it was magnesium - is this the correct type of material for my region ? I live in Westminster Colorado and my water comes from a high country stream which fills a local resevoir.
    The magnesium rod cost me $ 25 - the plumbing supply place was out of alumimun.
    If the water heater dies in the next few years - remind me to remove the anode rod for use in my next water heater. Am I beginning to think like a plumber ?

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    If the heater lasts until it is 15 years old, it could be because of the new anode rod. Without replacing the anode rod the heater might only have lasted 1 1/2 decades. And the same may be true for the replacement heater regardless of whether you maintain the anode or not. New heaters can last 1 year, 3 years, 6 years, or 14 years, and that is without any maintenance of any king.


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