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Thread: Replacing bathroom faucet help

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    Default Replacing bathroom faucet help

    I bought a new house recently and one of the bathroom sinks is cracked, gross and very outdated so I'm replacing the vanity top and faucet. I watched every video I could find about replacing faucets before beginning, but after I began trying to disconnect the old faucet realized things look different than I was led to expect!

    What do I need to do to get the current piping to accept the faucet pictured? If it's extremely complicated, just tell me to get a plumber, but if it requires intermediate skill, I can probably do it. I'm a metalsmith so have lots of experience cutting and soldering metals, but not in plumbing situations.

    Home was built in 1981. Thanks.

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    A couple of these and you'll be good to go!

    Don't get the Watts Floodsafe ones.

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    Awesome!! Thank you! I knew it would be something simple that I just wasn't experienced enough to figure out on my own. I saw those at Home Depot earlier today so I know where to get em. Thanks.


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