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    Greetings all
    I am trying to activate an old existing well for water at my cabin. The well opening is aprox 40 ft below my cabin. The well opening is 8 feet deep and 36 inch opening. the bottom is around the same elevation as a nearby pond 30 ft away. I have cleaned ot the well and used a submersible pump to pump the water.While pumping I located a drill point that was 4 ft long in the bottom .( I used a chainfile to pull it out as it was plugged from the top) Water coming in from a spring maintained about 5 inches above the drill point. I have a 2 stage deep well pump with a air/water tank that when I connected in before the frost i could pump water from the pond to my cabin. Any info as to how i should proceed to activate this existing well is appreciated. thanks I was thinking about driving a new well point in but i need info as to how do I know if it is deep enough? and if a foot valve is attached to the point or what way should i connect everything?
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