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Thread: american standard tub

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    Default american standard tub

    My husband and i had a huge argument about a chip in our 6 month old American Standard Tub, now he swears only someone could have done it (meaning the kids) they get blamed for everything)i say it could have just happened after reading stuff about AS products and it would have to have been something sharp to cause a chip on the front of the tub facing you, is it possible it could have hust happened or did someone have to put it there?


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    Some things in life never change, usually my parents were right.......

    Most likely took a sharp hit. Not the end of the world, try a repair kit to touch it up.

    There was a time I would get rather upset over things like that but, I have found there are a lot more important things in life than a scratch here and there.


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    "is it possible it could have just happened".
    If your tub is an Americast product, the answer is yes. Contact American Std. and have them come out and inspect your tub.

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    Default chip

    Americast is a special product and the normal repair kits do not work on it. You need a professional repair company to fix it.


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