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Thread: foot valve or leak/crack in well pipe?

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    Default foot valve or leak/crack in well pipe?

    Hello, I have an above ground pump with a single line and a bladder tank. recently the pump will lose prime when you run the water for a long period of time, such as taking a shower. I noticed a small leak on the pvc pipes going into the bladder, but that's not my initial concern. The pressure gauge used to read, when pump would cut off, at appox 60psi....but now it will run to about 70psi and stop, and when it stops the pressure guage will read around 50psi and then in a matter of about 2 minutes you can watch the pressure guage slowly drop to appox 35psi and it will turn the pump back on...this has become the new cycle. after investigating a little bit i started noticing water standing around the pipe going into the ground(steel). so i cut the power off to the pump and drained the bladder tank to test the air pressure, it was at around 20psi when it should be around 28, while the pump was off i noticed that the standing water went away. When i turned the pump back on i started noticing that the water was coming back from the ground and started pooling up around the pipe. So, with all that being said i'm wondering if i have a bad foot valve, or if i have a crack in the pipe that is making my water pressure drop like it is making it lose prime. or for my luck, could it be both? The house is approx 10-15 years old. I just purchased it a year ago, forclosed, and there is little to no history to this house other than it was built in stages, meaning that they built a frame and it sat for a couple years, then the outside went on, it sat for a couple more years, etc...so i have no idea how old the well and pump are. I hope that this makes sense. thank you for all your help...

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    Since you see water, you have a leak in the pipe. You have no evidence of a leaking foot valve, the leak in the pipe acts the same as if the foot valve was leaking.
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