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Thread: Need some data

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregsauls View Post
    Several (ie, more than 2) DIYers have installed tankless systems in their homes and are happy with them.
    In the interest of being fair and unbiased, let's not forget that many of those DIY'ers voided their warranties in the process.

    Let's be clear, I don't hate tankless water heaters. My interest in tankless water heaters and the sizing of hot water systems comes from the current (and growing) interest in obtaining LEED certification for new construction projects. I am not so jaded either way as to not consider all of the factors: installation, parts, service, warranty, functionality, fuel consumption, and water consumption. I also have to consider cost.

    The green that consumers and organizations seem to be interested in the most are the dollars in the present worth calculations.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nhmaster View Post
    flow rates and demand aside why not address the real folly of tankless heaters and that is that the average savings is a crappy 4% over conventional tank heaters with the installed price being 2 to 3 times that of a tank type heater. That's a lot of money to save very little floor space. Why not address the common problem of long wait times for the water to get to the faucet or how if you just crack a faucet the unit will not fire or how the temperature and pressure fluctuate enough to keep quite a few pressure balanced valves from operating correctly. better yet ask anyone from Europe that has grown up on these things what they think about tank type water heaters when they come over here for a visit?
    we are all boys and simpeltons,
    dont you understand???

    we have not seen the light yet......

    Getting a tankelss heater is like converting to a new faith or religoin....

    it is literally like blind faith,
    sort of like some other fanatic religions out there...

    you have to take that leap of blind faith,

    and then never question your faith.....ever again

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    No matter what wisdom issues forth from these two cretans the fact is that the average annual energy savings is a wopping 4%. So in a way I suppose I am thankful that there are those out there so pig headed and ignorant that they would gladly spend 2 to 4 times the cost of a conventional water heater. God bless capitolism.
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    Yes, God bless capitolism.


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