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Thread: 220 gallon fish tank weight????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cookie View Post
    Thanks Peanut, lol
    Too funny.

    I did pay 90 dollars for the small octopus, years ago, the tangs were about 20 to 44.

    I found this picture on the site you posted here, and found this picture,

    Bob, what do you think?

    When i was in Louisiana a couple of years ago we stopped in this great Catfish house but i don't remember it looking like that, maybe i had small ones.

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    I did get a good deal on the rhinoclowns, I bought them with the elaphantangs at a good price

    Yes, that is an octopi
    We saw several diving in Curacao
    It was an area where a bunch of cans had been dumped in the ocean - perfect habitat for the octopus

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    I have enough to do to my own house


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