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Thread: Brass Cleanout Plug in ABS Cleanout Tee?

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    Default Brass Cleanout Plug in ABS Cleanout Tee?

    I have ABS pipe in the wall with a cleanout and I'd like to install a flush cleanout cover like this one Watts makes...


    Now Watts only offers this in Brass. I have searched the internet and this forum and I haven't been able to answer my question.

    Can I use a brass plug like this in an ABS Cleanout Tee?

    I didn't find anything that tells me the two are incompatible, but I didn't find anything that said they were either.

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    Default co

    It would not be a good idea, because any corrosion on the brass would create a force in the tee and possibly crack it. There is nothing unique about that cleanout. Most plumbing stores have the cleanout plate AND a 3" countersunk plug. Just ask for them.


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