I drove a 3 ft 1.25" point down 17 feet. Attached a pitcher pump and pumped till I got fairly clean water. Ended up with 53" water in the pipe. Hooked up a 1/2 hp shallow well pump to the 1.25" pipe with no tank and ran the garden hose for 1/2 hour with constant water and good pressure. Next day, water was at bottom of the well pipe - either the check valve malfunctioned or joints in the well pipe are not air tight.

So, I ran 1" copper down inside the well pipe (soldered, no leaks)to about 18" from bottom and necked the pump down to 1 inch with a new 1" check valve. While working on the well, I heard a loud gurgle from below. When I started the pump I got one short, good burst of dirty water and that was it. My thinking is that the pocket around the well point has collapsed and that I will now have to hand pump a new pocket.

Would appreciate any comments about the pocket problem as well as advisability of using the 1" copper drop pipe to maintain water level up to the pump. Thanks for any help.