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Thread: Extension cord for treadmill, ok?

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    Default Extension cord for treadmill, ok?

    I just got a new Reebok treadmill.
    The manual says that I should not use an extension cord.

    But the only location that I can put the treadmill is out of reach of the outlet.

    Can I use some sort of heavy duty extension cord? Anyone have any recommendations?
    I have an appliance extension cord (12 gauge, 9 ft long)....will that work?

    I realize I can have an electrician come in a put in another outlet....but I would rather not do that.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Using a sufficiently-heavy extension cord is not going to cause any damage to the treadmill, but it still could be a safety issue in more ways than one ... with pets, children, people stepping on and off or getting to and from ...

    I will use a cord when I need one, but I also try to never need one.

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    If the cord has large enough conductors, you should be okay. Your situation is one reason why current building codes require so many outlets in a house...there would be an outlet close enough where you didn't need and extension cord!

    The problem comes where some people would put in an extension cord designed for a lamp...maybe something like 18g wire, and it could overheat and cause a fire...the voltage drop on a high current device would also potentially overheat things like the motor windings.
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    I wouldn't cut the cord if it's new, that would probably void the warranty. I use heavy duty short extension cords when needed
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    I would add a new outlet. Extension cords just aren't safe for things like that at all. You might be running for your life.

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    Short heavy duty extension cord - no problem. But what about your house wiring? If your treadmill is rated at 1500 watts or more you should go with a new dedicated circuit just for the treadmill.


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