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    So here is my problem. I have purchased and installed a Baby Devoro (American standard #3128.018 front and #4110.016 tank) in my home. The origional toilet that we removed was also an AS.

    The baby devoro has a very slow flush - consistently!! I can dump 3+ gallons of water directly into the bowl and it completly drains. When my kids flush, its very slow and has almost no power.

    I've replaced the wax ring twice (just in case) but still no problems. The vent tube that goes into the overflow is not clogged and the tank fills to about 1/8" below th eoverflow. The toilet has performed this way since install.

    The only thing different between the toilets is that the bathroom has a 12" roughin but the Devoro is only a 10" roughin. Our house was constructed in 1996 so all the toilets are 1.6 gpf.

    It appears that all the bowl jets are not plugged.

    Any suggestions before calling American Standard? I have no idea what is going on....

    Thanks in advance!!!


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    I've taken the Baby Devoro out of day cares and installed better toilets for them.

    The Baby Devoro was never rated very well.
    The "only" thing going for it, is that the bowl is lower.
    The trapway is very small and the bends too tight.

    A few of my clients are "Day Cares"

    I've replaced about 20 toilets for them in the last year.


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