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    Hi I am a woman who has never fixed a toilet. I am getting a leak from where the flush handle attaches--sometimes. So I'm thinking maybe the float does not stop the water from reaching the level of the handle, but just sometimes. Is that possible? I did see the water up that high. What else could it be? WOUld it be hard to install a new float myself?
    thanks Nan

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    It is not hard to change the fill valve. It does sound like that is your problem, but there is a large tube, usually right in the middle, about an inch wide, that is an overflow tube. Usually the height of that tube is lower than the handle, for just the reason you are seeing.

    If you could give us a picture of the insides of the tank, we would be glad to give further advice. Right now you have a problem that could cause some serious water spillage in your house, so don't delay on this.

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    Hi and thanks so much. here are photos[IMG]C:\Users\nancymic\Pictures\2009-02-07 tank\tank 001.jpg[/IMG][IMG]C:\Users\nancymic\Pictures\2009-02-07 tank\tank 002.jpg[/IMG][IMG]C:\Users\nancymic\Pictures\2009-02-07 tank\tank 003.jpg[/IMG]

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    oops looks like i have to get the images onto the web first.

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    http://www.photobucket.com This is a good place to make a free account to share your photos with people. The free account does have limits but for this purpose it would be just fine.


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