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Thread: bath/shower walls

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    Default bath/shower walls

    redoing old bath. looking for reasonable cost decorative waterproof panels to use over tub and over existing drywall in bathroom. i see a number of British and European sites with pvc waterproof decorative panels under such names as Duma-pan, Plas-tex, Polywall etc.

    i post a couple of their web sites below. cannot find any similar United States source for this type of product.

    http://www.dumaplast.be/details.asp?...oductID=228538 or http://www.parklandplastics.com/polywall.shtml

    if anyone knows about this type of product, please advise. thanks

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    If you are in the US you might try Lowes or even Amazon.com. I'd found a website in the US earlier that had reviews on shower/tub surrounds but my computer died and I lost the links (I'm on a different computer now). If I find it again I will post the links.

    You may want to try doing a search on dealtime and/or pricegrabber because both sites will list products (you can search for "tub surround" or something like that) and have pricing and reviews-- as well as reviews of the stores selling the products.

    I'm still searching for something to use when we replace the one piece shower/tub unit that has cracked on the bottom (the doorway is very narrow and will not fit another unit in so separate pieces will have to be used). It's not top priority though, as we have many other projects on the list.

    If you find something good, please let me know.

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    Why wouldn't the wall kits made by Swanstone work? The installation says they can be applied to drywall. Home Depot special orders them. If someone knows of a problem, let me know mucho pronto, please. My neice needs an inexpensive fix to replace a crapo tile job on drywall in her tub/shower surround.


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