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Thread: Looking for "thin" ADA bathroom sink

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    Default Looking for "thin" ADA bathroom sink

    We are making our son's bathroom wheelchair accessible. We are looking for an undermount sink, with least depth to make it possible for him to wheel his chair underneath and yet not to make the counter too high. He is only 5'8". So far we found a Kohler sink (Ladena) with water depth 4-5/8" and outer clearance of 8-1/8". Or, a drop in sink which we can make it flush to the counter top. Also, with a drain at the back, not in the center, so the pipes won't be in the way of the legs.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Undermounting a sink generally puts you at a disadvantage when seeking wheelchair accessibility. I would reconsider this plan.

    Drains for ADA compliance leave the sink with a 90 degree angle towards the back for wheelchair accessibility.

    These links may prove helpful for you...


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