have a apartment complex that has a huge boiler on outside and runs hotwater through the plumbing lines for heat. I'm guessing that the water goes through radiator(in my ceiling) then the blower forces the heat through the ducts, after a while the water recirculates to bring in new hot water?. Well there is no heat, I got the thermostat to work and now the blower works but there is no heat. there are 2 pipes both with shutoffs and they feel warm(update got them to get really hot), not hot. When I turn on the thermostat and blower kicks on one pipe is hot(see pics) and one gets cold(see pics). I dont' feel no heat, am I being impatient and should just leave the blower on and wait for it to circulate? I was told by someone that if one of the pipes is cold that is normal? If I shut off the blower the pipe gets hot again, but no heat, if there is heat its not much(I dont' know how hot these things are supposed to get). It has 2 shutoffs and both shutoffs when turned on circulates water through the lower bleeder valve at the same flow rate so I know it isn't clogged, yes it was dirty/rusted water alot of debris but now the water is clear. The whole radiator looks rusted,, and assume that normal considering the age, everyone else has heat and was wondering what I can do to troubleshoot it. These electric outragious.
I know they have bleeder valves and could be caused by air in system. I bled the lower one, but the top one is damaged, I guess the guy before me messed it up but chipped the tooth off. I'm not sure how to get it off so I can replace it, maybe drill it out and use screw extractor. But since they both run water out the lower one would i really necessary have to bleed that top one couldnt' I just bleed it through the bottom? The radiator and pipes are in ceiling and I am a handyman by trade so I know my way around plumbing and such just never dealt with this type of thing(boilers/radiators). If I didn't have to take down the ceiling that woudl be great as the access panel sucks, but I think i'm going to have to take down the ceiling just to get a good look at it. Why they limited decent access is beyond me. One last thing would the condo association be responsible for the radiator? or is that a homeowner thing? I live in Olney Maryland, Thanks for all who reply with help
guy before me had to replace the blower and the handymen here are not..hmm whats the word/words? dont' want to say incompetent because i'm sure they could fix it, but unwilling I guess. The guy I bought it from told me that the maintainance men came in to look at it, saw it was in "ceiling" didn't want to mess with it, said they would let them know and decided to never get back with him. It was an old couple, and they never did anything because they wasnt' sure what to do. As you can imagine with any condo complex getting someone to even come out is a nuisance. If its the condo's problem, i'll make them pay for it for replacement but if its just matter of little maintainance/bleeding I can do that myself.

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