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Thread: Rural water or well water.

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    Default Rural water or well water.

    I would like to know if you buy property with rural water already hooked up, can you still install your own well if you want to.

    I have been searching the internet and have not been able to find an answer for that question.

    I do know that many years ago my father in law was forced to hook up to city water due to an ordinance that was passed in that city. But there was also a stipulation that if he lived so many feet from the road he would be excempt from having to hook up to city water.

    As far as if anyone would like to know why I would install a well over keeping rural water, it's simple. I don't want all their toxic waste dump in my water supply. I would install my own water purifying system if after testing it needed it.

    Thanks for any information or pointers as to where I could find this information.

    By the way I am looking at places in Iowa. The two counties I am really looking into would be Warren and Clarke.

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    It depends on your town. Where town water is available in my area hooking up is also optional. I know folks who use a well for irrigation and the town water for the house.

    If the town decided to put in public water on my street I'd be renting an excavator and digging a trench to the street as fast as I could! My well water is pretty poor though, 12+ ppm iron, 2 gpm recovery. My personal water treatment plant works well, but I wouldn't miss it either



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