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Thread: tub options

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    Default tub options

    I have posted asking about tubs a while back, but have some more questions.

    Getting ready to start the bathroom remodel. I have been looking at tub options. I can fit a 60" x 32", and want a deep tub. I was kinda set on acrylic, but am not sure. I currently have an americast that has worked well, it just is smaller/more shallow.

    I read a lot of comments about how cast iron is the best, but what is wrong with a good quality acrylic? Say from American Standard or Kohler?

    BTW, this tub will be used by 2 adults and 7yo boy daily, so I am not against spending some extra if I can be convinced. I read about how cast is a lifetime sort of quality, but it seems like people are updating more than once in a lifetime : )

    So, please voice an opinion/make a comment!

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    Porcelain on cast iron is a very hard surface, that, if you don't use an abrasive cleaner can look like new for decades. The porcelain is similar to glass. The CI doesn't deflect and stress the material and the plumbing fittings. Installed properly, you can minimize the flexing on an acrylic tub, but the surface is still plastic and will scratch. If you drop something hard on a CI tub, you can take a chip out of the finish, you may not do that on an acrylic, but could scratch it. Both can be touched up, but if needed, a properly done repair job on an acrylic tub could be invisible. It's harder to do on a CI tub. A CI tub should outlast an acrylic with the same use by a long shot and still look good.
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