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Thread: Replaced cartridge, shower still not working

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    Default Replaced cartridge, shower still not working

    Shower abruptly stopped working. Nothing gradual about it. I turned it on one morning and nothing came out. I replaced the MOEN posi-temp cartridge. Still nothing. I turned it upside down in case my hot and cold were reversed, nothing. Any other tricks to this process?? It seemed pretty straight forward, but I must be missing something? THX!

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    It could be almost anything.

    Assuming the cartridge that you installed is not faulty. Check your shower head. Pull it off and see if a chunck of rubber got in there. I assume you do not have a toe tester/spout on the assembly.

    The other thing to check, make sure the barrel where the cartridge fits is free of any debris

    If all else fails, it may be a faulty positemp cartridge.

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    Could you be in a location where one or both of the supply lines are frozen?

    If pressure is lost on either with a pressure balanced valve you get nothing.

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    Default pipe

    IF the hot water line froze, (or less likely the cold water), it would shut off all the water from the valve. The idea is that you should find out EXACTLY what the problem is before you start spending time and money changing things.

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