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    I have a series loop hot water system in my home. I would like to install a toe kick heater in my kitchen. Under the kitchen floor and accessible in the basement, is a 3/4" copper pipe feeding the baseboard heat to my dining room. I realize that I can cut into this pipe and install the toe kick heater and keep the water flowing on to the dining room. The problem is the inlet & outlet of the toe kick is 1/2". If I place it in series with the dining room won't it act like a fuse and limit the heat to the dining room? If I place T's in the 3/4" pipe the 1/2" pipes won't get enough hot water as the water will follow the path of least resistance. Right?
    Is there a way to do this using the existing 3/4" pipe under the kitchen or do I have to install another zone?


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    Research monoflow T's...I think this may be what you need.
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