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Thread: 4 bends in sump pump pvc ok?

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    Default 4 bends in sump pump pvc ok?

    I'm replacing my backup sump pump with a basement watchdog 'big dog' today.

    In order to make the cover of the pit fit I will have to add a bend in the pvc so that the pvc goes through the slot in the lid.

    My question: do bends in the pvc pipe add much drag to the water flow? My rise is about 10 feet and the pipe already has three bends in it (1) a 45 degree to the wall, (2) 45 degree up the wall, (3) 90 degree out of the house.

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    That is normal. The follwoing pic is only the primary pump but you will see two 45 degree elbows and you know there is a 90 degree elbow discharging it out the wall.


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