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Thread: ADA-compliant Toilets For A Tight Space?

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    Default ADA-compliant Toilets For A Tight Space?

    Does anyone know of an ADA-compliant (high seat) that can be installed into a rough-in area that's actually less than 10-inches? My problem came about when I recently replaced a very old toilet with a new Toto Drake, having first measured the distance between the floor pipe and the base edge of our bathroom's rear wall. This clearly indicated that we needed a 10-inch configuration. Unfortunately our walls were only discovered to be out of alignment, apparently as a result of structural settling, after we installed -- or tried to install -- the new Drake. As a result, while the base of the toilet seemed to fit, the point at which the top rear edge of the toilet's tank came into contact with the wall -- did NOT. The bottom line is that we never got an even crushing of the wax ring, and thus failed to obtain a proper seal, leaving us with the certainty of a slow leak into the unit below. Since correcting the wall's slight misalignment would be prohibitively expensive, I find myself stuck with a clearance requirement that's just about 1/2-inch under what our 10-inch Drake will accommodate. Anyone know of another ADA toilet that might work within this space constraint?

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    The Lloyd or the Soiree are the only 10" rough-in available toilet with ADA.
    They both have a 3/4" gap so if pushed to the wall you can rough-in 9-1/4".

    TOTO Soiree pedestal lav, faucet and toilet suite
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