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Thread: Mysterious Leak -- HELP!!!

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    Smile Mysterious Leak -- HELP!!!

    We recently had a leak that caused the ceiling in an area of our basement to fall because of the large amount of water pouring down. Then the leak stopped and a plumber came two days later and could not find any source of the leak. The leak occurred below an area close to a toilet, shower, two sinks and a bar refrigerator. We removed the ceiling sheetrock, ran all of these and did not see any water coming down. The roof is not near the ceiling and two levels up. In other parts of the house, we have a dishwasher, toilets, showers, a jacuzzi, bathtubs, washing machine and dryer. Could they be causing a problem if they are in other parts of the house? We have a hose connection outside the house at the basement ceiling level. The plumbing is only four years old and we have never had a leak in that area before.

    Where do we go from here? Please HELP!!! Thanks.

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    It would have been a good idea to find the leak while it was happening.
    I take it all possibilities were tested and everything appeared to be normal?


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