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I have two Drakes without Sanagloss, and a double-cyclone Carlyle II which has the same flush yours does as well as Sanagloss. All three get deposits in a variety of consistencies. No streaking. Generally nothing left behind. Certainly no need to brush often. Bottom line...in normal use, most people have not reported having the problems that you are reporting.
So do you think I got a somehow bad Toto, or that my use isn't normal? If I got a bad Toto, should I try another of the same model and hope for the best, or get something else? If my usage isn't "normal," then why is it a problem on the Toto but not so much on cheap American Standards?

I'm really unhappy with this toilet, but trying to keep some faith in Toto. I need another replacement toilet (I'd like to have already ordered it, as my bathroom is basically ready for it now), but am a bit afraid to take a chance with more of the same from this model. Any suggestions? I don't really want to go back to the old Cadets I've used in the past, but so far I'd say that my experience with Toto has been far inferior, and given all the positive reviews from experts, that makes me think that maybe there's just something wrong with this particular toilet?