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Thread: How to Raise Toilet for New Tile

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    Question How to Raise Toilet for New Tile

    I will be remodeling our two bathrooms and I am trying to plan for all the possible snags I may find. In both bathrooms I believe I will need to raise the toilets. Floors are currently sheet vinyl and I will be laying tile.

    My questions are:

    1) What would be the maximum distance above the current flange that I could go without replacing the flange?

    2) If I need to raise the flange, what is the best method? ( Currently have cast iron pipe, not sure if 3" or 4" )

    3) Does the old flange need to be removed, prior to installation of the new one?

    Thank you for any assistance.

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    If the existing flange is in good condition, you could go pretty far. Look up " closet flange extender". Set-rite can go up to 1-5/8 inches.

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    The ideal place for the toilet flange is on top of the finished floor. But, there are likely millions of flanges that aren't actually there that work. I'd not be comfortable with the top of the flange below the finished floor, but somewhere level or above works. If it's level, you may need two wax rings. Flange extenders can work, but you must seal between them and the flange to ensure no leaks...one more place for a potential failure. CI may need a plumber if you want to raise it - most homeowners don't have the tools or experience to make a reliable leaded joint. If you have access from below, you may be able to cut that section off and rebuild with PVC or ABS, if you'd prefer.
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    Is the current flange set on top of the finished floor? That's the technically-correct way to install it, but, sadly, even in new construction it often isn't installed that way. If your current flange is indeed on top of the finished floor, you have a little wiggle room. If the top of the flange is still above the level of the finished floor when you have finished tiling, you can probably still just set the toilet into the old flange with a single wax ring. If you're concerned, use an extra-thick one, but our usual advice is that if the top of the flange is above the level of the finished floor, just use one wax ring and you should be fine. If it's at or below the level of the new floor, then two wax rings.

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