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Thread: Basement sink won't drain

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    Default Basement sink won't drain

    Hey there, totally new, and have no plumbing experience...

    But- The sink in my basement is backed up and won't drain.
    The sink is being filled by the washing machine, and it also is being filled by the kitchen sink somehow (When water drains into the basement sink from the kitchen sink it flows into the basement sink up through the drain), so the basement sink can't be clogged or else it wouldn't be filling up from the kitchen.

    Water is obviously filling this sink to the max everyday and spilling nasty dish cleaning runoff all over the floor so I'd like to get this fixed.

    This sink worked fine for the two years we have lived here, but has started acting up recently, maybe in relation to the cold weather?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    Your drain line is clogged. You need a plumber who can auger the line all the way to the street. Do not use any chemical cleaners. They don't work and will create a dangerous hazard for the plumber. If it is really cold and the drain is clogged, it could be frozen, but if it is, it is because of the clog. Drains are normally are either empty or contain moving water, so they do not freeze.

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    Default sink

    Your logic is faulty. The drain line is clear between the kitchen sink and the laundry sink, which is why the sink fills and overflows. BUT, the line is plugged AFTER the laundry sink, which is why it does not drain. Call a plumber.

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    thanks for the help guys, it does make sense when you put it that way.

    But, I've tried using that 1-second plumber already; is that one of the dangerous chemicals that I should have avoided? I don't think so because it shoots gas, but, better safe than sorry.


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