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Thread: Watts Adjustable Floor Cleanout

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    Default Watts Adjustable Floor Cleanout

    I am trying to figure out the best way to make a basement floor cleanout to be as unobtrusive as possible. I would like to set it in the concrete and ensure that it will allow for a flush surface after the subfloor is installed. I am considering a Watts adjustable floor cleanout like a CO-200-R.


    This seems to be the best option, even if not the cheapest. It would allow me to set the body of the unit in the concrete and then adjust the bronze top to be flush with the finished floor.

    Does anyone have any better or cheaper ideas that would accomplish the same thing?

    I do have a question about this type of cleanout from Watts. I have ABS black pipe for the plumbing and I wonder if it is compatible with this cast iron body. Can I use a vertical ABS black pipe and attach it to this cast iron body or would I have to order the optional ABS version of this body?

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    Default co

    You can attach it with a plastic to cast iron transition coupling, (or a No-Hub one if your inspector allows it. not all will accept the No-Hub.)


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