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Thread: shallow well head to pump/tank distance

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    Default shallow well head to pump/tank distance

    Hi, we have a cabin up north in michigan with the typical shallow well set up, pump motor and tank in a well pit about 50-60 foot from the cabin. Not sure of the well depth, but everything works great. I would like to move the tank/pump to the basement of the cabin for the ease of winterization. we currently don't use it in the winter but would like to have the option for a weekend here and there. the pump motor would be lower than the well head, so the motor don't have to pull "up" to the cabin. My question is, will the shallow well pump pull water that far? I don't see why not, to prime it i figure i could put a valve in the pit so i could fill the line up down to the house, i could also use this to allow air in to drain the line for winter. any input?
    thanks, Randy

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    First of all, the pit will prevent anything from freezing and breaking. Secondly, you said the basement is lower than the pit. This will make priming more difficult for two reasons. The distance and the air lock problem.

    Putting fittings in a suction line is a no no. Especially a valve that can leak through a packing nut or o-ring seal. Just another problem.

    I would live with the pit and love it. It's illegal to have one these days because of the possible flooding contamination thing, but a pit is a great system and should be left alone. Otherwise, you are just asking for more problems.

    You are the first person I have ever known to have a northern cabin with a basement. What town are you in?



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