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Thread: Sand in Tenn

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    Default Sand in Tenn

    I have been having problems with my well. I am having a lot of sand coming into the house, which is making the water run slow because of all of the sand in the pipes. I think my well is about 65' deep. At the top is just the pump, everything is straight down under it. The pump kept just kicking in and out so often so I have replaced it (about 2 months age) now the pump won't even kick in, so I have no water right now. I have no idea of where the filter is. Someone told me it might be inside of the water tank that's buried about 3 feet under ground, but I have no idea of where it is, and I was told that the screen may be ripped. I dont' have another $3,000 to have my well drilled again. I've already had it done twice since I built my house in 1995. Is there anyway that I can pull the pipes straight up and out? I have no idea of what to do and my husband is worthless so it's always up to me to fix anything around this house. I had to fix broken water pipes under the house last week and jack up the porch because the HWH was trying to go through the floor. I have a heat tape on the pipes but they still froze. We are in Tenn. so it should have kept them from freezing (it's not that cold). There is so much sand all of my shut off valves are clogged and don't work, the toilets have a lot of sand in them, and if you want to take a bath you have to fill it with hot water and wait for it to cool. I have to keep draining the sand out of the HWH. Please help me if you can.
    Thanks Pam

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    Giving the situation, you need to call a water well company. With that much sand, the well is going to have to be inspected by a professional.



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    Redrilling a well will not necessarilly stop sand. It sounds like this 1990 well was never drilled correctly in the first place. Use another company. One with a good reputation.



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