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    Default Plumber needed in Key West

    I have just got back from a vacation in Key West before I leave on another plane tomorrow for a week's work in Lesotho, a poor country in Southern Africa.

    I am taking my camera to Lesotho to take some shots of any plumbing I see there while I do my day job.

    But before I even get there, I was shocked at the state of some of the plumbing I saw on vacation in Key West.

    Don't get me wrong, I always try to book hotels that have good toilets. The one in our suite was OK, with a good flush but not as strong as my Cadet 3 at home. But no complaints, the little thing did try its best, but I have high expectations, American Standard expectations. Can you see it in the corner?

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    But when we stepped out onto the beach, it was a different story.

    The view was nice.

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    But this in a public restroom absolutely ruined the vacation.

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    So be warned! South East plumbing sucks!
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