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Thread: Will Inland Salt Water Corrode Fittings?

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    Default Will Inland Salt Water Corrode Fittings?

    I'm going to put in some irrigation for a new client who says he has salt in his water.

    The existing landscaping has been living off the water for two years. No severe problems seem apparent on any of the existing plumbing. I've been asking everyone I know about salt water on irrigation in the local area ( very inland ) and I've been getting a wide variety of answers.

    My question is,

    Will an inland water source that is saline water corrode brass ball valves or the metal components of irrigation control valves ?

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    Default salt

    It depends on the amount of salt and the quality of the brass. Some imported brass valves, in fact most of the less expensive ones, deteriorate with fresh water.

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    Default Got any tips for dealling with inland salt water?

    Thanks for the reply Hj,

    I am going to have the water tested for salinity and get the best valves available, but I would really rather not use plastic valves for my shut offs as they never seem to hold up to much use. Any other tips on what I might do to help the system last longer will be greatly apreciated.?

    ~ SM


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