Hello plumbing doctors. I have seen several comments on the forum about this problem. We have lived in our homes 25 years. At the end of our addition we have 7 homes on 1 acre lots. Well water 18 grains hard, Pretty high alkaline. Cant remember how high but borderline high. no iron, small mount of dissolved solids. great taste. my Dads copper and a neighbor 6 houses away cannot go 3 months without repairing copper. Soft side or hard same problem. 5 other neighbors no problems at all. The copper gets so thin you can crush it in your hand. also in both houses the inside of the pipe gets a very bright green coating. My pipes have never had this. My dad put his ground from the electric circut box right into the basement floor(very dry basement) with a normal ground rod. Could this be the problem? the rod would never get moisture. I am ready to believe the problem may not be the water.
Thanks sooo much for your help and your much needed opinion