Not sure where this should really go
I was going to put it in electric, but.....

I'm working on rewiring my 1950's house, electric is mostly done & inspected. Now I'm looking at the phone, TV & Internet

I have CAT3 & CAT5e cable -so I will be using that
I do not have any TV cable yet
We have Verizon FIOS phone, TV & Internet

I was going to run the CAT3 for phone
In the past I have simply connected these all together using that wiring block that was available at Radio Shack. You ran each wire in & wrapped the wire around a screw & tightened them down
I know now that a lot of people use a punch down block
What is the benefit of this? We will only have one phone line, I want all the jacks to be connected to the same line. Is that easily achieved with the punch down block?
I plan on running about a dozen phone connections thru-out the house, basement & garage

For CAT5 I'll be using a 12 port punch down block
I will probably need a 2nd 12 port block
I do have wireless, but I want some hard wired points around the house. Patch cords will then be used to connect to the hub. The hub from Verizon only has 4 ports. I may need to buy another hub to allow most of the jacks to be active for Laptop use

I have easy access to the 1st floor from the basement
And I have a chaseway to the 2nd floor for wiring
The 2nds floor has the walls open - so I want to run stuff before the sheetrock goes up

TV I was going to run home runs to the centralized area where this will all be setup. I figure I can just activate the runs I will be using. But we have 4 TV's now & I can see a 5th being added in the addition. Currently I have a 4 port splitter, is it OK to split one of the 4, or should I buy a larger splitter? And should it be a powered splitter with a signal boost?
I am going to use the modular wall plates that will allow multiple runs & different configs with CAT5e, Cable TV or phone inserts