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Thread: Owens Corning shower enclosure S-36

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    Default Owens Corning shower enclosure S-36

    Hi ..... it's time to replace my shower enclosure after 26 years. Having a heck of time getting any info. even from the old manufacturer.

    It's a generic white shower enclosure (no bathtub) manufacturer and model number is

    Owens Corning Model S-36.

    There's an ANSI number as well 124.2 if that means anything. People at OC said they sold that part of the business years ago, and I thought the people at BASCO could help but I struck out there as well.

    Thanks for your help .........

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    It's unlikely that you'd be able to find an exact replacement, so some careful measurements should be all you need. The enclosure is probably attached to the stud-walls, so figure it is nominally 1/2" bigger than the dimensions you can measure (i.e., it probably extends 1/2" beneath the drywall that is usually used in the room around it). Some have a flange that is covered over by the drywall, and you'll have to remove some of that to tear out the old one.

    The drain on an older shower might be 1-1/2", and pretty much all of the new ones will be 2". Talk to your inspector if this is the case, as he might allow you to use a 1-1/2" drain, but also might require you to update it to 2". The shower valve on a really old shower is unlikely to have anti-scald technology, so you'll want to upgrade your valve at this time as well as maybe the shower head (2.5gmp max). finding one that gives a good feel is tougher at this flow rate, but possible.
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