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Thread: Tub leaking into ceiling

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    My master bath tub overflow valve is leaking into my ceiling below. After taking off the chrome cover, I noticed the seal to be retracted into the back of the tub. Is there a special seal that is used? How do you take off the old seal? Do I use a sealant when installing a new seal? Lastly, how would I check for mold in my ceiling below?


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    The gasket is usually compressed when the inner part of the drain is attached, creating the seal. If the rubber is decomposed, you can usually find a replacement. They are often tapered to account for a non-vertical tub wall. you must get the taper in the right orientation to create the seal.

    If you remove the water, mold, if it exists, will go dormant. if it has damaged the drywall of the ceiling, then you'd have to tear it out and repair anyways. removal of all loose mold and spray with bleach and water will normally kill any spores left.
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    The gasket can usually be replaced from inside the tub through the overflow hole.


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