Yes, this is a 66" x 28". It fits exactly in that spot. (1940 is my guess)

There's probably plaster and lath behind that tub surround.

I may get a clawfoot. There won't be the problem of water coming in constant contact with the window and walls.

Run the plumbing for the clawfoot tub spout and shower outside the wall. Plug the clawfoot fixture holes.

That medicine cabinet and light may have to come out. May not align over the sink.

Also, a propane back-up heater. Last year after the ice storms we put that on the list. The tank's on that side of the house. Right now the line from the tank to the house is above ground because we had tree removal done (dead trees from the ice storm).

An aside. There are hundreds of trees all around the property but I had to buy one.