Hi. I'm hoping someone can help me out. This weekend was supposed to be a relaxing 5day break for me. But...the winter temperatures decided to take over. On Friday, my pipes froze. Probably both underground and inside my walls. On Sunday, they thawed out enough for me to notice a leak in my pipe right before my main shut off valve. I got the water shut off from the street...and had a plumber come out on Monday morning to fix the main line.

All was fine...until I noticed my toilet was leaking from the handle. It looks like water is seeping in. So...I did what you guys hate. I went to Home Depot and bought the supplies to replace the fill valve inside the toilet. In the middle of that project, I noticed the downstairs toilet has a puddle of water under it. What's going on here? Why would I have the same issue in two toilets at the same exact time the day after I had a plumber come fix my main line? Can someone help me out? Is this just bad things come in three's??? Or could there be something else going on?