hello. i have superstor 30 gal indirect and it is(was) great....when there was only 3 people in house. i need more hot water now that there are 5.

can i add another 30 gal elec plumbed in reverse storage configuration with circ pump connected to aquastat of elec tank and indirect tank as "heat source". i could boost temp of indirect to help recovery time and then temper down to 120 w/ valve?

does anyone think this will work? i already have small bronze circ pump (think 005) and small elec tank is less than $200. much less $$$ than second indirect and a 007 and less time/work than cutting into p/s system i have (i knew i should have left another set of closely spaced tee's.......)

any help / advice will be greatly appreciated.
p/s i could also then have tank's electric element connected once i get cash to have backup if boiler every goes.