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Thread: Shower head leaking question

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    Default Shower head leaking question

    I just installed a completely new shower and have a rain shower type head with an extension so the height and angle can be adjusted. I also have a hand shower hooked up to this with a diverter off of the shower arm. I tested the shower out yesterday morning, everything worked great which was surprising.

    BUT last night (of course this only happens when you are trying to sleep) it seemed like all the water that was left from the pipe to the shower head started draining, which was quite noisy. Is this normal? any way to make it drain completely after the shower has been completed? Or is there really something wrong?

    I appreciate any input,


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    A vacuum breaker or installing the head on an angle.

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    Default drip

    To paraphrase the instructions to the Karate Kid, "Air in, water out". When the head is full of water it is very difficult for air to enter the small jets and therefore the water cannot drain out. Once the process starts however, then it proceeds fairly rapidly. The faster the air can enter the quicker the water drains until it is all gone. Doing something to encourage the air's entrance, such as putting the head on a slight angle so there is a pressure differential across the head hastens the process.


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