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Thread: Water storage tank

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    Default Water storage tank

    Folks, it is getting dry in South Texas (West Travis County) I am on a well in the Trinity. Wells around me are going dry. I have decided to at least install a pump shut off switch to save my pump motor. However, I am also interested in a storage tank. We are 60 years old and live alone. We occasionally have our children and grand children in, but just for the day. I do irrigate my lawn and shrubs. About 10,000 sg ft of lawn. What size is recommended? Some have suggested 2500 gal. of black plastic. I am totally in the dark about this. Thanks.

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    If you believe you can get by with only 25 gallons per day, 2500 gallons would last for around three months ... but I suspect "black plastic" would get plenty warm or even hot during the daytime and cause a lot of evaporation.

    Maybe some other folks here have some real-life experience with cisterns and can tell you what will work best.

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    It should be dark inside the tank to avoid adding algae to the things you raise on the ranch. You could bury it.

    If the well goes dry this won't help.

    Remove the grass and plant with native low water plants.


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