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    The 2nd floor bathroom sink would not drain. Blockage is beyond the trap. Used a manual plumber snake and fed it down approx 8 feet. Couldn't go any further but when I tried to remove it, it wouldn't come out. Have tried clockwise and counter clockwise and it still won't come out. Have gone in thru the cleanout plug hole.

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    Time to call a plumber, or cut that pipe where you think it is stuck.

    You're going to find out how disturbing this task really is.

    I hope you didn't use drain cleaning liquids.
    Read what the end of this sentence means.

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    Initially I did. Why?

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    Because many so-called drain cleaners are quite caustic and create a hazardous working condition for the plumber. Be sure you inform the plumber you call what you use, how much, and when.

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    Also the drain cleaner weakens the drain cleaning cable, which in a short time can make it super brittle so it will just break in pieces. I have removed many many stuck snakes in the lines.

    Most common is where the home owner rents a machine to rod their main sewer and snap the cable in the line. The best one was a guy rented a medium machine thats used to clear 1 1/2 to 4 inch drains up to 50 foot. He ran the rod through his water closet on the second floor and sent out all 50 foot, then could not pull it back for the life of him. When we got there my buddy Mike ran the rod while I pulled the cable out, 20 minutes later we got the rod removed from the water closet. Problem was I had to grab the cable with such force I wore holes into my gloves and the friction from the cable caused large blisters on my hands. When we handed the guy the bill for a half hour and a service call, the guy said in shock " THAT MUCH!!! Only for 10 minutes of work!!" I told him it was 20 minutes, and then I looked at him then my hands then back at him. He all of sudden said will cash be alright?


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