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Thread: Pump Sizing on deep well

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    My well guys told me that they have hit places in the valley with 1600+' of overburden.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valveman View Post
    You apparently have up to 90 GPM available. Your house use is minimal. You probably only need 10 to 12 GPM for the house. We would need to know how you would like to irrigate the orchard and fill the pond. Do you need all 90 GPM, or can you run less than that to irrigate the orchard?
    It would be sprinkler irrigation during summer months, about 1 ac's worth of blueberries and various fruit trees. For the pond I would just run a hose to it, a rather large one I imagine since I may have to fill say 1' over 1/4 of an acre.


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