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Thread: toilet to shower drain conversion

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    Default toilet to shower drain conversion


    My wife and I are doing some work to convert a commercial loft into a liveable artist space in NYC. There are two bathrooms with commercial toilets, one of which we would like to convert to a shower.

    The floors are concrete slab and if at all possible we want to avoid jack-hammering into it as the space is a rental and there is a limit to the amount of work we are able to put into it.

    We are hoping that we can build a raised platform to build a p-trap above the concrete floor and feed that out through the toilet drain. Is it possible to convert the toilet waste drain into a shower drain?

    Also, the space is pretty old and there is a possibility that the toilet drain is lead pipe (we still need to remove the old toilet to see). If that is the case - will we be able to connect PVC/copper/brass pipe to the lead pipe? Can we somehow connect to the toilet drain flange?

    Any advice is greatly apreciated.


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    A raised floor is most cases in an ugly idea, but I can see in a loft it may well be doable. A good plumber can make the approriate connection to a lead closet bend. The problem might be avoiding an "S-trap" configuration, but the plumber could help figure this out.

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    Default shower

    IF it is a lead bend and it appears that NYC still uses them to this day, then there is little hope of making a connection to it. Raising the floor and putting the "P" trap above the floor will create an "S" trap and it will require some creativity on the part of a good plumber to avoid the problems with that.


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