I am having an old cast iron claw foot tub refinished. The contractor who is doing the refinishing is licensed and insured, however, I'm wondering about how he's handling the feet for the tub.
Most places remove the feet and have them done separately.
This guy is leaving them on.. does not want to mess with the bolts or anything, but two feet are somewhat loose and two are not. He said that this is okay because that way the tub will give a little when water and a person are added.
Is this right?? Please help... It goes against my common sense. How can they be okay with some being loose and some not???
I am worried because we are totally redoing this bathroom and it will have granite flooring. I do not want the tub to end of damaging my floors.

The other question is about the joists under it. The floor joists are pretty thick since this is an old house. They are spaced in such a way that there will be one almost right under where the feet will be placed. Is this okay? I have read where you should put extra floor joist, but our contractor said we have plenty of floor support. What do you think?

Thanks so much,