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Thread: *Well Pump keeps shutting off (Rapidaytor) from time to time*

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    Red face *Well Pump keeps shutting off (Rapidaytor) from time to time*

    Ok here's the "scoop".

    Wife and I bought a nice brick ranch with full basement, yada yada yada. Real old Pump (Rapidaytor) with a Well X Trol Pressure Tank, and I've included some pictures.

    Water pressure is actually fine. BUT....BUT the pump will simply quit working about once every 2 months. I have to go downstairs, flips the breaker-box switch a few times (no it is not thrown), hit the pump motor with a hammer (kinda like Fonzie did in Happy Days), flip the breaker again, maybe more Fonzie taps and then after 15 minutes it will fire back up again and work after I fiddle-faddle with it here and there some more.

    Weird as all get-out?

    When we get water back it's all black and spurts and hisses and has lots of air in it, then after awhile it's fine.

    We ASSUME we need a need a new pump? Is there a direct replacement I can swap in myself?

    Look at the pics and see if you have an answer...I would appreciate it.

    Our local water guy put in a new water softner in September but that has had no effect good or bad on the pump. Just gives us soft water..although it's still a bit "sulferey" for my nose!

    Is there an easy solution....OR do we need to get out our check book and not eat for a month???

    thanks in Michigan~
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    Typical Michigan homeowner with NOT enough money (due to rotten economy) to call the local "well guy" for a service call, or get "buffalo'd" on a high new pump cost!


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