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Thread: water pressure issue?

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    Default water pressure issue?

    Hello all:

    Here is the problem since november I have noticed a slow and steady decline in water pressure. I pull from a lake, with a 1/2hp mastercraft shallow jet pump. When I initially turn on the water I have full pressure for 1 second then drops right off. I have noticed no change in the cycling on or off of the pump, foot valve is fine, pressure switch has been changed, pump is 21/2 years old. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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    If you have a filter, it's more than likely clogged! check it out. If not, you have a restriction somewhere between the tank and your faucets.



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    here is some more info, to the pump into the local pump shop, it was tested and is working fine, had a pressure gauge installed. It is set at 25/45 at the pressure switch, it shows that it is building to 45 and coming on at 25, no change at hte faucet wether it is at 45 or 25 same low flow? I would assume that this means that there is a restriction between the tank and the faucets, since it is the same on all faucets would leave me to believe it is early in the system rather than later(closer to the pump rather than farther away)? Does this make sense to anyone?

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    Is the screen on the inlet out in the lake clear?

    Do you have any filters, as softener etc? If so remove the cartridge and by the softener and see what changes.

    Any gate valves that may be broken/closed?
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    umm...the problem is there is about 2 feet of ice on the lake right now...lol...I checked a couple feet of pipe near the pump and found a blockage that might be allowing1/2 a pencil diameter of water through so fixing that now and hopefully there is only one......crossing fingers!

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    Sounds like you probably found your problem . Is the pipe the blockage is in galvanized steel ?

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    thank you all....the problem has been solved!! There is one piece of galvanized steel(a fitting) that plugged %99 changed the fitting out for a plastic one and after I ran some "coffee" out of the system all is good, better water pressure than I have had in 10 years. Again thank you all.


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