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Thread: Sump Pump cycles frequently

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    Default Sump Pump cycles frequently

    I found some older threads with a search but would like a more current opinion.

    I like in an area with a high water table. In the winter and with spring rains my pump (Zoeller 1/2 hp automatic) will cycle frequently. Worst case every 15 sec and best case every 30 minutes. In the summer it wont run other than after a heavy rain.

    My pump is already elevated on a block about 4 inches from the true bottom of the pit. I have a second Zoeller in the pit at a higher level in case of primary pump failure.

    I would like to decrease the cycle frequency and lengthen the run times but this of course isnt possible with the current primary pump switch. My question is what are the current thoughts regarding electronic switches which can be positioned higher to allow greater pit filling? I would like to use the Rhombus vertical but there isnt room in the pit. Can the switch on my current pump be tethered into the on postion and submerged or will this damage the pump in any fashion?

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Hard to imagine not enough room for a Vertical Master float if it is attached to the main discharge pipe, but that being the case....here is an alternative switch that allows you to customize the on/off levels and does not require a long tether to operate.


    Since the Zoellers do not have a piggyback switch design, you can zip-tie them in the up/on position and then use the piggyback design of the switch to operate your pump motor.

    I personally do not trust electronic and/or diaphragm switches, but that is just my opinion.

    Good Luck!


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