First time poster looking for some advice on updating/replacing some drains in my basement floor.

A home that I bought has a regularly noticable odor of sewer gas in the basement. I have determined the source is from two floor drains with faulty/corroded iron bell traps (numbers 1 and 2 in sketch) and an untrapped open pipe stub out of the floor (number 4 in sketch) where wash tub and fiberglass shower (number 3 in sketch) drain pipes are shoved into it. All under slab piping is 4" clay. Please see the sketch I attached.

What I would like to do is cut up the basement floor in required locations and replace the floor drains with PVC drains with p-traps, and replace the open pipe, and above slab shower drain pipe with proper below slap piping, traps, and vents. Venting is a concern. I am not sure what is necessary for the shower and wash tub, as they are not currently vented. Also, there is not a possiblity of connecting to the house's only roof vent, as it is on the other side of the house. Are AAV's a possibility?

Please note that the 3" clay pipe in the sketch is mislabelled. it is actually 4".

Any thoughts and suggested pipe layouts are appreciated.